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DIRECTIONS for Questions 87 to 89: Each statement has a part missing. Choose the best option from the four options given below the statement to make up the missing part.

The ancient Egyptians believed _________________ so that when these objects were magically reanimated through the correct rituals, they would be able to function effectively. 

1.  That it was essential that things they potrayed must have every relevant feature shown as clearly as possible. 
2.  It was essential for things they potray to have had every relevant feature shown as elearly as possible, 
3.  It was essential that the things they potrayed had every relevant feature shown as clearly as possible 
4.  Then when they potrayed things, it should have every relevant feature shown as clearly as possible

A.) Option 1
B.) Option 2
C.) Option 3
D.) Option 4

Answer is option : C

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Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
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