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DIRECTIONS for Questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the following information.

Two days (Thursday and Friday) are left for campaigning before a major election, and the city administration has received requests from five political parties for taking out their processions along the following routes.
Congress:        A-C-D-E        BJP: A-B-D-E            SP: A-B-C-E
BSP:               B-C-E             CPM: A-C-D
Street B-D cannot be used for a political procession on Thursday due to a religious procession. The district administration has a policy of not allowing more than one procession to pass along the same street on the same day. However, the administration must allow all parties to take out their processions during these two days.

Congress procession can be allowed

Shown below is the layout of major streets in a city.

A.) only on Thursday.
B.) only on Friday.
C.) on either day
D.) only if the religious procession is cancelled.

Answer is option : A

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Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
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