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DIRECTIONS for Questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the following information.

Seven faculty members at a management institute frequently visit a lounge for strong coffee and stimulating conversation. On being asked about their visit to the lounge last Friday we got the following responses.

JC: I came in first, and the next two persons to enter were SS and SM. When I left the lounge, JP and
VR were present in the lounge. DG left with me.
JP: When I entered the lounge with VR, JC was sitting there. There was someone else, but I cannot remember who it was.
SM: I went to the lounge for a short while, and met JC, SS, and DG in the lounge that day.
SS: I left immediately after SM left.
DG: I met JC, SS, SM, JP, and VR during my first visit to the lounge. I went back to my office with JC. When I went to the lounge the second time, JP and VR were there.
PK: I had some urgent work, so I did not sit in the lounge that day, but just collected my coffee and left.
JP and DG were the only people in the lounge while I was there.
VR: No comments.

How many of the seven members did VR meet on Friday in the lounge?

A.) 2
B.) 3
C.) 4
D.) 5

Answer is option : B

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