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DIRECTIONS for Questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. A study was conducted to ascertain the relative importance that employees in five different countries assigned to five different traits in their Chief Executive Officers. The traits were compassion (C), decisiveness (D), negotiation skills (N), public visibility (P), and vision (V). The levelof dissimilarity between two countries is the maximum difference in the ranks allotted by the two countries to any of the five traits. The following table indicates the rank order of the five traits for each country. 

Rank Country
India China Japan Malaysia Thailand
1 C N D V V
2 P C N D C
3 N P C P N
4 V D V C P
5 D V P N D

Which of the following pairs of countries are most dissimilar?

A.) China & Japan
B.) India & China
C.) Malaysia & Japan
D.) Thailand & Japan

Answer is option : D

Question Related Topics:
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
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