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DIRECTIONS for questions: Following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Federer’s fifth grand slam win prompted a reporter to ask whether he was the best ever. Federer is certainly not lacking in confidence, but he wasn’t about to proclaim himself the best ever. “The best player of this generation, yes”, he said, “But nowhere close to ever. Just look at the records that some guys have. I’m a minnow.” _________________________.

A.) His win against Agassi, a genius from the previous generation, contradicts that.
B.) Sampras, the king of an earlier generation, was as humble.
C.) He is more than a minnow to his contemporaries.
D.) The difference between ‘the best of this generation’ and ‘the best ever’ is a matter of perception.

Answer is option : C

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Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
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