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DIRECTIONS for Questions: Four alternative summaries are given below each text. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the text.

Modern bourgeois society, said Nietzsche, was decadent and enfeebled –a victim of the excessive development of the rational faculties at the expense of will and instinct. Against the liberalrationalist stress on the intellect, Nietzsche urged recognition of the dark mysterious world of instinctual desires –the true forces of life. Smoother the will with excessive intellectualising and you destroy the spontaneity that sparks cultural creativity and ignites a zest for living. The critical and theoretical outlook destroyed the creative instincts. For man’s manifold potential to be realised, he must forego relying on the intellect and nurture again the instinctual roots of human existence. 

  1. Nietzsche urges the decadent and enfeebled modern society to forego intellect and give importance to creative instincts.
  2. Nietzsche urges the decadent and enfeebled modern society to smoother the will with excessive intellectualising and ignite a zest for living.
  3. Nietzsche criticises the intellectuals for enfeebling the modern bourgeois society by not nurturing man’s creative instincts.

4.  Nietzsche blames excessive intellectualisation for the decline of modern society and suggests nurturing creative instincts instead. 

A.) Option 1
B.) Option 2
C.) Option 3
D.) Option 4

Answer is option : D

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