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The distillation technique most suited for separating glycerol from spent-lye in the soap industry is ?

A.) Fractional distillation
B.) Steam distillation
C.) Distillation under reduced pressure
D.) Simple distillation

Answer is option : D


Steam distillation is preferred for separation of substances which are steam volatile and are immiscible with water. Fractional distillation is used if the difference in boiling points of two liquids is not much. This technique is used to separate different fractions of crude oil in petroleum industry. Distillation under reduced pressure is used to purify liquids having very high boiling points and those, which decompose at or below their boiling points. Glycerol can be separated from spent-lye in soap industry by using this technique.

Simple distillation : This technique is used to separate volatile liquids from nonvolatile impurities or liquids having sufficient difference in their boiling points.

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Physical Chemistry, Distillation technique
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