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The year is 2089. Beijing, London, New York, and Paris are in contention to host the 2096 Olympics. The eventual winner is determined through several rounds of voting by members of the IOC with each member representing a different city. All the four cities in contention are also represented in IOC.

In any round of voting, the city receiving the lowest number of votes in that round gets eliminated.
    The survivor after the last round of voting gets to host the event.
A member is allowed to cast votes for at most two different cities in all rounds of voting combined. (Hence, a member becomes ineligible to cast a vote in a given round if both the cities (s) he voted for in earlier rounds are out of contention in that round of voting.)
A member is also ineligible to cast a vote in a round if the city (s) he represents is in contention in that round of voting.
As long as the member is eligible, (s) he must vote and vote for only one candidate city in any round of voting.

The following incomplete table shows the information on cities that received the maximum and minimum votes in different rounds, the number of votes cast in their favour, and the total votes that were cast in those rounds.



votes cast

Maximum votes cast



No. of votes


No. of votes





New York














It is also known that:

All those who voted for London and Paris in round 1, continues to vote for the same cities in subsequent rounds as long as these cities were in contention. 75% of those who voted for Beijing in round 1, voted for Beijing in round 2 as well.
     Those who voted for New York in round 1, voted either for Beijing or Paris in round 2.
     The difference in votes cast for the two contending cities in the last round was 1.
     50 % of those who voted for Beijing in round 1, voted for Paris in round 3.


What is the number of votes cast for Paris in round 1?

A.) 16
B.) 18
C.) 22
D.) 24

Answer is option : D

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